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  • redxhlia

The end of every year is always the most nostalgic & emotional. Most would strive to be positive but I’m going to call a spade a spade - the year was a shit show for a lot of us.

When I think about everything that has happened in 2022 in my personal life, I can’t help but feel anger at the Universe. I’m still thankful, but upset. Stronger, but exhausted.

The only thing I can ever turn to & rely on, would be my sm career. It’s given me a space where I feel no pain, no anxiety, no fatigue. In that room, I am in full control of myself, the session & you. You become the center of my attention, every detail & outcome is considered carefully.

Every equipment I use is just an extension of me.
My whip an extension of my hands.
Ice & hot wax the sharp bite of my wrath.

Kink isn’t professional therapy, but it is therapeutic. It allows me to be my truest self & I know it’s the case for most of my subs. Even in the lifestyle scene, I’ve met such beautiful people along the way. (You know who you are.)

I recently had a session with Slave M that has been with me regularly the past year. He mentioned that from seeing my scars, he felt more relatable to me & was more comfortable sharing about himself during debrief. Which brings up a very good point - in the session, I am your Goddess, but during debrief & aftercare there needs to a level headed discussion with feedback regarding the session. I may not be your close friend, but don’t be afraid to give me your insight. The better I understand you, the better your experience will be in the future.

Kink is once again a reminder for all I’ve fought for, everything I’ve been through, & the importance of my origin.

To more years of human Christmas trees.

Merry fucking Christmas 🖤


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