90% of the time in sessions it’s me pushing my slaves to explore their pain threshold, however domination has many faces.

Mental domination trumps all.

Slut C came to me with barely any makeup skills or feminine etiquette, no confidence - but a willingness to learn. She was so afraid of stepping out in public. Even in the hotel lobby she’d cast her gaze downwards, using her wig & mask to hide her features.

6 months in - she is on a strictly-timed makeup routine, on daily hormones, has gone through vigorous heel training & is now my free fuck doll for session entertainment. Don’t be surprised if you spot her shopping for Lingerie in town.

Can you see the difference in both pictures? The left was at the start of her public heel training lessons, the last is 6 months in. Her posture, body language, the confidence in front of the camera is worlds apart.

I still have alot planned for her journey (& for my amusement), but she’s an example to all that the willingness to learn is crucial to serve.

A domme doesn't need your words. It's even better if you don't speak at all. Your actions & effort are what we look out for.

Not yours,