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  • Small penis humiliation

  • General humiliation & degradation

  • Public humiliation

  • Obedience training & Slave servitude

  • Pet play

  • Anal / Fisting

  • Impact

  • Electro

  • Foot / heels worship​

  • Orgasm denial / control

  • Wax / Ice play

  • Cock & Ball Torture / Ball busting

  • Sissification

  • Chastity

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  • Bondage & Predicament

  • Mummification

  • Food play + filth

  • Forced Drinking

  • Human ashtray / furniture

  • Total Power Exchange

  • Sounding *

  • Breast & Ass worship *

  • Blood / Artistic Cutting / Knife play *

  • Breath Play / Smothering *

  • Skin Stapling / Suturing *

  • Needle Play *

  • Water Boarding & Torture *​

    * Only available after strict vetting.


Hard Limits

  • Sexual contact

  • Switching / Subbing

  • Pussy Worship

  • Drugs / poppers

  • Physical contact without permission

  • Scat / ruby / golden showers

       (Urine is acceptable if used in

        filth & humiliation)

Session Rules

  • You will address me as your Goddess at all times.

  • You are not allowed to speak unless I allow it.

  • Your eyes should always be lowered.

  • Memorise and use the safe words given. Requests should have been discussed before the session.

  • Do not touch me unless I have commanded you to do so. Any form of disrespect or violence will cease the session and you will be made to leave immediately. Tribute is non-refundable.

If you have any of the following, you are required to inform me before the session. 

  • Trauma triggers

  • Past injuries

  • Anything specific to be avoided during domination

Meeting my pet

In sessions, you may have the privilege of meeting my full-time Pet. She will be at my beck and call at all times. If you would like to worship her feet or have her participate in your relentless torture, a token tribute is required. Keep in mind, you are and will always be inferior to my doted Pet.

Note the following if you are enticed to be at the lowest of low, beneath my Pet's feet.

  • There is no sexual or inappropriate contact with my Pet. Treat her with utmost respect. 

  • My Pet is bound by an NDA and signed contract with me. Your privacy is fully confidential.

  • The token tribute will be decided by me based on her involvement and the length of the session.


Are you worthy
to serve?

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